About us


Workers lack time to prepare a good, balanced breakfast

The current breakfast offers on the market are not adequate for workers (dirty, etc.)


Kiroo Tchop will offer a menu (pancakes, cupcake, coffee, etc.) on site or to take away in adapted packaging and design.

We are planning several points in major cities. And a long-term, a continental and global expansion.

The team


Eveline Honla

Founder/CEO of Kiro’o Tchop

Ambitious, mother and businesswoman to the core: KIROO TCHOP is a result of a vision that has existed for over 5 years, to create an empire of African foodservices


William Fankam

Co-Founder/Digital Manager of Kiro’o Tchop

Geek and culinary art lover, Kiro'o Tchop is a perfect opportunity to work on while fulfilling my two passions.


Kiro'o Games

Co-founder and Incubator

As part of its multi-sector expansion strategy, Kiro'o Games is associated with the creation and development of KIRO'O TCHOP.

sneak peek of Kiro'o Tchop

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Step 1: Read the Business Plan Summary

Kiro'o Tchop is a crepe and brunch chain for workers, business owners and students in Cameroon.

Are you ambitious and a fan of Foodservices? Great! You are most welcomed to invest in the renowned Kiro'o business ecosystem.

For more details, Read the Business Plan Summary


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Do you believe in Kiro'o Tchop and wish to invest? Kindly start the investment process by filling out the subscription form in the link below.

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Contact us


Located in Yaoundé Olezoa
(Between Mobil Olezoa and Fustel des COULANGE school)

Open from Monday to Saturday from 09h to 20h

tel: +237 698 658 155
Email : contact@kirootchop.com